Terra Alta

Celler Frisach winery is located in a natural unspoilt environment as the Terra Alta, region of southern Catalonia in Spain. Large vineyards areas, olive trees and other crops that draw a sober landscape of hills and evocative plains.

Unknown, fascinating and a very strong character, this Ebre river region offers visitors and curious people, lands were to get lost and picked up by the world as Pablo Ruiz Picasso decided to do so. First to recover from an illness. After the fascination that caused the town of Horta de Sant Joan, their shades, and its people. “Everything I know I learned in Horta” Picasso would say is that this population had a strong impact on the Malaga’s painter to the point that they say was decisive in his Cubist period.

The Spanish Civil War has also left an indelible mark around the Ebre Land region. In this place, the confrontation was direct. Thousands of soldiers were fighting on both sides of the Ebre river sheltering in the trenches made for the occasion. Trenches that today still plow the ground like a scar.

Corbera d'Ebre

The Old Town Corbera bombed by Franco’s troops is an impressive testimony that holds standing on their own ruines with fragile but with a supernatural dignity. The current Corbera d’Ebre has rebuilt again at the foot of the old town to leave a record of their tragic event.

If you want to discover the most striking landscapes of the Battle of the Ebro, Celler Frisach winery offers “Wines in the trenches” guidance and wine tasting history.

Our wines are also its surroundings.

Wine tourism and The Battle of the Ebro

Celler Frisach winery itself has drafted two wine tourism proposals to discover their wines, mostly white vernatxa around these sceneries.

If you want to discover the most striking landscapes of the Ebro Battle, Celler Frisach winery offers with their friends “Terra Enllà” guidance and wine tasting history with “Wines in the trenches”.

Església de Corbera Vella d'ebre