Vino Les Alifares de Frisach

Les Alifares de Frisach

ORIGIN: Terra Alta D.O. – Corbera d’Ebre
VARIETY: Garnacha Gris 100%
WINE TYPE: Vino Brisado // Fermentation with skins and stems (Pell i rapa)
LOCATION: Finca la Serra
SOIL: Old Sand Dunne – stoney and calcareous (sól de panal)
VOLUME: 750ml
ABV: 13% vol.

Les Alifares de Celler Frisach. Vernatxa gris fermented with skins. And nothing else: that’s how the feelings sound after the first drink. We came from a very dark and deep night and all light is inadequate. We got the memory of the time marked in the skin and of the year seasons dyed
in the must.

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