La Foradada de Frisach Terra Alta
Vi brisat La Foradada de Frisach - Terra Alta - Corbera d'Ebre

La Foradada de Frisach

ORIGIN: Terra Alta D.O. – Corbera d’Ebre
VARIETY: Garnacha Blanca 100%
WINE TYPE: Vino Brisado // Fermentation with skins
LOCATION: Finca del Quart
SOIL: Clay – stoney and calcareous
VOLUME: 750ml ABV: 13.5% vol.
CULTIVATION METHOD: Agricultura Ecológica // Organic Wines

A tale of the Garnacha Blanca, of the lands and of our people. A wine fermented with the skin of the grapes for a few days in stainless steel. This wine remains with its lees without stirring for about a year, a wine that is not filtered, which is stabilized by the cold of winter and with no added sulphites. A wine that has rested a little in bottle and which is now off to clearly explain what Garnacha Blanca of Corbera d’Ebre tastes like.

The feeling is one of fullness, roundness, sphericity and energy, both when you smell it and when you drink it. It is a wine of an entity that impresses and portends an evolution of vertigo. La Foradada smells like green almonds and has an almost voluptuous point, of terpene, from the skins. It smells of rosemary honey, to wild fennel, a field of freshly harvested grain. Smells like a summer night. It is beautiful, warm and direct as the first rays of morning sun. It fills everything. It smells of sunflowers, dried chamomile, like moss, pear and lemon-mint. Resin and almond blossoms. It smells of life and origin. Smells like the road leading to the Finca del “quart”, smells like Corbera and Terra Alta, smells like Garnacha Blanca and smells of life. In the countryside.

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