L'abrunet de Frisach Rosat

L'abrunet de Frisach rose

ORIGEN: Terra Alta D.O. – Corbera d’Ebre
VARIETY: Garnacha Gris, Garnacha Blanca & Garnacha Negra.
SOIL: stony and calcareous
VOLUME: 750ml
ABV: 13% vol.
CULTIVATION METHOD: Agricultura Ecológica // Organic Wines

What do we get if we put together all grapes from the rural state? What do we get if we put together different varieties? What can we do with an almost nonexistent variety? And what if we just use the Flower from the falling grape-juice? These questions arose Abrunet Frisach Rose. The union of three varieties so similar yet so different, collected at the same time, reassembled and harmonize together for a day.

Subtle, pale but with a bright vivacity that is alive. Suddenly appeared the green olive, which is accompanied by a deep-rooted childhood memory of sunny afternoons and glue-sweet red. The surroundings command in wines that respect: emanate notes of green almond and a juicy orange, which are wrapped in a salty memory that clings to its calcareous ground. The mouth is greedy and indicates a playful sweetness that after we will see that it is only a pleasant illusion. Wine lines up an acidity that stretches wine accurately, mouth widens and provides us an excellent rich taste that allows us to enjoy: the juiciness of strawberries, the silkiness of cherries, the crunchy red apple, the softness of the fresh fig, the charm of the wild fennel, the seriousness of the anise and the touch of a brightly and juicy orange. The silkiness of Terra Alta within a sip of wine.

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